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POLROK participates in A+A Dusseldorf 2017

2016.12.29. 11:54:03
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POLROK participates in A+A Dusseldorf 2017

POLROK participates in A+A fair from 17th to 20th October 2017 as an exhibitor.

The world of occupational safety is developing continuously and dynamically. New regulations such as those governing personal protection equipment (PPE) and operational safety, new findings from research into healthy office work and the prevention of psychological stress as well as these four industries are just a few of the topics for 2017.

A+A is also adapting consistently and continuously to the beat of this dynamic. Adapting, for instance, through developments that concern the three core topics of safety, security and health at work.

Of course, further aspects as specific as, for example, corporate fashion are affected as well, which is served by the A+A Fashion Show, or the topic of ergonomics, which is accommodated for by the Workplace Design stage.

We hope that you will visit us on A+A fair.

Our location : Hall 5, C44

ABOUT A+A : http://www.aplusa-online.com/

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